Safeguard Engineering are well established providers of specialist safety and environmental consultancy services to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and their Industry Partners across the Maritime, Air and Land sectors. Our team have extensive ‘hands-on’ practical experience of working within the respective technical areas of the Defence industry. We have a detailed working knowledge and understanding of relevant MoD Safety and environmental standards, regulations and guidance documents including, but not limited to Def Stan 00-56, JSP 375, JSP 815, JSP 430, JSP 454, Def Stan 00-133, Def Stan 00-972, POSMS and POEMS.
Specialist Defence Services we provide include the provision/ development of:

  • Hazard Log Management
  • Safety Cases
  • Safety Assessments
  • Safety and Environmental Management Systems
  • Development of the Safety Argument and supporting evidence
  • Safety Engineering Solutions
  • Safety Requirements Production and Management
  • Proportional Risk Assessment
  • Integration of Safety in Design
  • Independent Safety Audit, Assessment and Advice
  • Management Support
  • Environmental Impact Screening and Scoping Studies
  • Environmental Impact Assessments


We specialise in providing Maritime Safety and Environmental Services to the MoD and Industry covering all types of vessels and equipment used by the Royal Navy (RN) and Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Service.

Recent/ ongoing projects include:

  • The development of a new whole ship Safety Case Report (SCR), hazard log and Command Safety and Environmental Summary (CSES) Report for HMS SCOTT.
  • The production of a Safety Assessment Report (SAR) and hazard log for the berthing equipment design, procedures, methods and arrangements for the berthing and support of nuclear powered submarines alongside RFA DILIGENCE.
  • The development and production of new Safety and Environmental Case Reports for eight different classes of RFA ships. This project was recognised for its high standards by the award of a Chief of Defence Materiel Commendation in May 2012.
  • The production of small boat safety cases for the Combat Support Boat and Avon Searider Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs).
  • Update and re-write of approximately 30 in number equipment Safety Case Reports and Hazard Logs for various items of powered lifting equipment fitted to RN ships (including; Cranes, Lifts, Davits and Hoists).
  • The generation of equipment SCRs and hazard logs for Reverse Osmosis Plants, Ballast Water Treatment systems and waste converter plants fitted on various RN ships and submarines.


We specialise in conducting Ship Air Interface (SAI) Safety Assessments to support the clearances and approvals by the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) to operate various types of helicopters with RN and RFA ships. We also develop 4 part Air Traffic Management (ATM) SCRs for new items of ATM equipment to meet the requirements of Def Stan 00-972 and associated MAA Regulatory Articles (RAs).

Recent/ ongoing projects include:

  • The development of a new Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability (MARS) Tide Class Ship Aviation Safety Case Report (SASCR).
  • The development and production of 4 part Air Traffic Management Safety Case Reports for SharpEye Radar systems fitted to (MARS)
  • Tide Class ships and RFA ARGUS.
  • The generation of new SASCRs for seven different classes of legacy RFA ships.
  • Safety Assessment Reports for the operation of new Aircraft types on RN and RFA platforms to support the Ship Air Release process, including Merlin Mk3, Wildcat, Apache and Chinook Mk4/5/6.


Safeguard Engineering provide safety and environmental support services to the Land Domain.

Recent/ ongoing projects include:

  • Safeguard Engineering have supported HAZOP “Design” phase activities for three new high hazard facilities being built at DSTL Porton Down.
  • The production of Safety Case Reports for Locomotives and Rolling Stock used for the movement of explosives and munitions “within the wire” at MoD stores depots and in Marchwood Port.
  • The development of a new All Terrain Mobility Platform (ATMP) (Supacat vehicle – fitted with a Palfinger Crane) SCR used to support mine clearance trials operations.
  • The generation of Safety Basis Reports within a MoD customer organisation for the design and commissioning of three new energetic materials testing and processing facilities and a new Anglo/French testing facility.
  • The generation of SCRs for Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) equipment for service in the UK Army and Navy. Safety Cases have included Radio Interface and Monitoring Equipment, Vehicle Brake Testing Equipment, Loran C Navigation Unit, Chirpsounder Receiver (including Visigoth), Cutting Equipment, Weapon Mounting Systems, Cook Sets and Bolt Guns.
  • The development of SCRs and Safety Appraisal for a number of bridging systems used by the UK and US Army including the Future Light Bridge, Light Infantry Bridge, Heavy Dry Support Bridge, current bridge systems under development and support equipment such as trailers.
  • The Generation of SCRs and Safety Appraisals in support of normal and Urgent Operational Requirements for MoD vehicles and equipment in accordance with JSP 454; including GKN Piranha, Viking, Communications Equipment and Software, All Terrain Vehicle (Quadbike), ¾ Tonne Trailer, Special Projects and NBCD equipment, Drops and TUH vehicles.
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