Marine Safety Management Systems (MSMS)


Marine Safety Management Systems (MSMS)

At Safeguard Port and Maritime, we understand the need to constantly review Marine and Port Operations when it comes to Marine Safety Management Systems. You need to ensure you can identify hazards and implement the right steps to mitigate those hazards. We can guide you from the outset with support from our team who are experienced in MSMS Design and Implementation.

We can also provide a range of additional guidance and services when it comes to Port and Marine Safety.

We can audit your MSMS plans to ensure they are
PMSC compliant

How Can Safeguard Engineering Ltd Help You Ensure Your MSMS Plans Are Compliant?

Our team can offer guidance with the following:

  • To work with you and your team to ensure that your existing MSMS is working effectively
  • To conduct an Audit of the MSMS in line with PMSC requirements
  • To undertake the role of Designated Person using team members with previous Harbour Master and Master Mariner experience.
  • To provide independent assurance directly to the duty holder that the MSMS is working effectively
  • To deliver a fully independent Compliance Review and Report to support a three-yearly statement
  • Provide advice on efficient incident reporting and continuous improvement
  • Provide documentation control assistance to assist with maintenance and control of the MSMS
  • Provide a Formal Safety Assessment and Navigational Risk Assessment as part of the MSMS

Reliable and Knowledgeable Team

MSMS Compliance Specialists

Experienced Mariners, Harbour Masters & Port Experts

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