Port Emergency Planning

Port Emergency planning

Port Emergency Planning

The potential for an incident to occur can be mitigated through the process of a Formal Risk Assessment and the introduction of suitable control measures. This is an area in which Safeguard Engineering and our Port and Maritime team has a wealth of experience.

Ports are required to have plans covering, but not limited to, the following areas:

Emergency Situations such as: serious injury, flood, fire, electrocution
Marine Emergency such as: vessel collision, person overboard, mechanical failure
Port Security such as: theft, arson, vandalism, protesters
Pollution/Oil Spill Contingency: covering land, in-land waterways and sea

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How Can Safeguard Engineering Ltd Help You With Port Emergency Planning?

Our specialist Port and Maritime division in Safeguard Engineering Ltd can assist with the following in regards to port emergency planning:

  • We can provide full support and guidance for the construction of Port Emergency Plans in line with Regulation 10 of DGHAR 2016
  • We are experts in the preparation and delivery of Emergency Response Plans
  • We have experience in the handling and control of IMDG Class 1, including HSE licencing and control requirements
  • We are experienced in the delivery of Port Emergency Plans and have the skills to draft new plans as required
  • We are experienced in drafting and auditing OPRC Plans
  • We can undertake Hazard Identification and assess the plans for Port Operations
  • We can provide advice on DG handling within the Port area
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