Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC)

port marine safety code PMSC

Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC)

The Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC) requires that all ports must base their management of marine operations on a formal assessment of the hazards and risks to navigation within the port. We provide a completely flexible approach to PMSC Management and Auditing, with support and assistance from team members with previous Harbour Master and Master Mariner experience.

The Port Marine Safety Code was developed in 2000 and is reviewed every three years to ensure it is up to date. It offers a national standard when it comes to port safety within the UK and should be carried out internally as well as externally. All Harbour Authorities are expected to comply with the PMSC, and this is something that Safeguard Engineering can help with.

Both Government and industry play a role in ensuring commitment to continuously improving the standards of safety in the maritime sector and maintaining the safety record of ports and harbours. This Code, and the associated Guide to Good Practice, are instrumental in achieving this with their pragmatic and proportionate approach to safety standards.

How Can Safeguard Engineering Ltd Help You With Port Marine Safety Code Compliance?

Our specialist Port and Maritime division in Safeguard Engineering Ltd can assist with the following:

  • To undertake Audits following the ‘Guide to Good Practice on Port Marine Operations’
  • To give help and support with conducting a Formal Safety Assessment (FSA) for the port
  • To provide a fully independent Designated Person (DP) Function using one of our port experts, Harbour Masters or Master Mariners
  • To provide independent assurance directly to the duty holder that the MSMS is working effectively
  • To deliver a fully independent Compliance Review and Report to support a three-yearly statement
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